为弘扬“奉献、友爱、互助、正向”的志愿精神, 展现对公益事业的关注、勇于承担社会责任、为社会无私奉献的精神风貌,以及进一步践行我司“美好”的企业文化。

For promoting the voluntary spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and positive”, to demonstrate the spirit of attention to public welfare, the courage to assume social responsibility, and the spirit of selfless dedication to the society, and to further practice our company's “MEIHAO” corporate culture.

11月13日, 澳美铝业志愿者团队来到乐平华㘵村慰问长者,为老人们送去大米、食用油、药品等物资。

On 13rd November, a volunteer team from Press Metal International Ltd. came to Leping Huabu Village to visit the elderly, and delivered rice, cooking oil, medicine and other necessities to them.

张伯 现年62岁,华㘵村居民,五保户,无儿无女 属孤寡老人,肢体二级残疾,无固定收入来源。志愿者为张伯送去大米、食用油、药品,并讲解药品使用说明,后又进行悉心交谈,聆听他们的心声。张伯说:“今天有这么多人看望我,我非常高兴,谢谢你们!”

Mr. Zhang, 62 years old, is a resident of Huabu Village, a five-guarantee household, no children, with second-degree physical disability, and no fixed income. Volunteers provided rice and medicine to Uncle Zhang, and patiently explained the medicine instructions and talked with him kindly and carefully. Uncle Zhang said: "I am very happy that so many people visit me today, thank you!"


The volunteer behavior of “Caring for the Elderly” by PMI brought concern and love to the elderly, making caring behavior a normal life, and helping more elderly people to enjoy the rest of their life.

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